In Person Hunt

There are five locations in Sheffield where there are CompSoc stickers. The exact location can be unlocked by answering three ordered cryptic clues. Each cryptic clue’s answer represents one word – and these words together form a what3words location, that is somewhere in Sheffield. Take a photo of the CompSoc stickers that are placed at each location and send one email with your pictures of all 5 stickers *and* the solutions to the cryptic clues through to

The quickest time recorded (between registering your in-person hunt with the discord bot, and the sending of your email), will be used to judge the winner. Best of luck! 🤞🎃

Example Location and Worked Solution

  1. Male monarchs
  2. Frequently, in many cases or instances (5 letters)
  3. The _ _ _ _ _ (5 letters) of this scavenger hunt; rhymes with popular Internet phenomenon that regularly contains ‘TOP TEXT’ and ‘BOTTOM TEXT’

Solution: The what3words location is therefore: kings.often.theme

In-Person: You would take a photo of the CompSoc Sticker placed at kings.often.theme, which would be just outside The Diamond, on campus. Once all five photos are collected; they can be emailed with the cryptic clue solutions to to submit your entry.

Location 1

  1. The first word of the hair and beauty salon on Hutcliffe Road in Sheffield
  2. The first word from a film that Ray Liotta and Kevin Costner star in, with music by James Horner
  3. Past participle of swing

Location 2

  1. Adventurous courage
  2. The animal from the Metro Goldwyn Mayer introduction
  3. The second word of a hit TV show hosted by Ru Paul

Location 3

  1. A surface when cracked is a sign of bad luck
  2. Emotion causing quaking (4 letters)
  3. The first word of a song originally written by Bon Iver but also had a cover released in 2011 by Birdy which became very popular

Location 4

  1. Best selling song in the US for 2014, now replace one letter to make it sound like a dog barking
  2. Described as excessive, dramatic behaviour on Urban Dictionary
  3. (Plural) A large open topped waste container designed for loading onto a special truck

Location 5

  1. A part of clothing that you put over your head when it rains
  2. Another name for the beak of a duck, but plural
  3. An album written by a famous Canadian rapper, produced in 2015/2016