HackSheffield 8

📍 38 Mappin Street

📅 11th – 12th November 2023

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Days until HackSheffield:

HackSheffield is an exciting 26-hour hackathon hosted in the vibrant city of Sheffield, by the University of Sheffield Computer Science Society.

This annual event serves as a bustling hive of innovation, bringing together tech enthusiasts, aspiring programmers, and seasoned developers under one roof. HackSheffield challenges participants to channel their creativity, problem-solving skills, and coding prowess to build innovative software projects within the span of 26 hours.

Throughout the event, we will have workshops, games, short challenges and most importantly: free food!

With a range of challenges provided by sponsors, there is something for everyone no matter your skill or interest.

Code your dreams, crack the challenges and win prizes

Provisional Timetable: Events and Workshops are subject to change.

Whether you are a seasoned hacker or a curious newcomer there are challenges for everyone

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need?

  • A Laptop
  • ID (Student ID counts)
  • A Phone (to participate in some challenges)
  • Your Digital Ticket

What if I don’t know how to code?

HackSheffield welcomes attendees of all skill levels, whether you are a seasoned programmer or have never opened a terminal before. During the event, we will have workshops running and mentors circulating to help as needed. We encourage people from all subjects to take part. A diverse team often achieves great things as their varied skills and backgrounds help to create a more round product.

What are the prizes for the winners?

Prizes are to be announced closer to the event but expect thousands of pounds worth of prizes alongside some exclusive opportunities.

Will food be provided?

Yes! There will be free breakfast, lunch and dinner during the hackathon (check the timetable to find out when).

How many are in a team?

Teams can have 1-4 participants.

I don’t have a team

Don’t worry! Before the hackathon begins we will have a team forming activity for everyone who wants a team.

Can I participate as an individual?

While we encourage everyone to be part of a team, if you wish to go solo you are welcome to.

Can I compete in multiple challenges?

Yes certainly! Try as many challenges as you want. If you get stuck try something else. The only limitation is the 26-hour period so it may be best to focus on only a few challenges to try and produce a more complete product.

What if I get stuck on a challenge?

The hackathon will have many challenges and categories, which means that no matter your skill level there is something to try. If you get stuck either ask an organiser, mentor or circulating sponsor for help or try something new.

Will there be networking opportunities?

During the event sponsors will be circulating talking to participants as well as running a booth and distributing material. HackSheffield is a great opportunity to meet potential employers and show off your skills.






This event is managed in accordance with the MLH Code of Conduct.

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