HackSheffield 8 Judging

How Judging Will Be Conducted for HackSheffield 8

‘Best Hack’, ‘Best Newcomer’, ‘AI’ and ‘Cybersecurity’
This section outlines how the following categories will be judged:
‘Best Hack 1st 2nd & 3rd’
‘Best Newcomer’
‘Artificial Intelligence Wizardry’
‘Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity Challenges’

For these categories, all submissions will be graded on 3 different criteria from a scale of 1 through 10, with the third criteria being decided by you. The two criteria that all submissions will be graded on are:
How interesting your idea is
How well your solution works

And the third criteria we judge on will either be:
Intuitiveness / impressiveness of the GUI
Impressiveness / conciseness of code
As said above, you will get to choose which one you’d want to be graded on.

There will be 3 judges who judge any given submission.

If a submission is from a group of first year students, they will be marked such that they are down as a contender for ‘Best Newcomer’.
Any submissions that incorporate AI or cybersecurity will also be marked as a contender for their respective prize categories.
After initial judging
The 3 judges who judged together will combine their scores for each team, and pick the top 3. All groups of judges will do this. And from that, we will be left with about 12 submissions, which we will deliberate over.

Any submissions that could fall under the ‘Best Newcomer’, ‘Artificial Intelligence Wizardry’ or ‘Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity Challenges’ categories will be kept in mind, and will have the same grading process done against others who qualify for the categories.

From this scoring system and judging deliberation, we will select the winners for these categories!
‘Funniest’ and ‘Most Inventive’
There is no easy way to pick a winner for ‘funniest’, then by popular vote by judges. These categories will be voted on by judges:
Funniest Hack
Most Inventive Hack

It will be a simple vote of popularity among judges.

Challenge 1: Better Batteries
In the middle of Sunday we will request your battery profile for 5 randomly selected customers. You will be judged on these. The 5 customers with the lowest bill and highest renewable fraction wins.

Challenge 2: Understand load
An Excel sheet provides the output format for the forecast. Please copy your answer into the table provided. We will compare your forecast to the actual data and the lowest MAPE wins.
The load desegregation is to be submitted via a 5 page presentation describing your key results, plus a spreadsheet with any data.

Challenge 3: Simulate net zero electricity
An Excel sheet provides the output format for the model. Please copy your answer into the table provided.
We will judge the answers based on the one that gets to 100% renewable electricity for the lowest cost.