Sheffield Computer Science Society



ShefJam is a GameJam we run two or three times per year. It offers you a chance to come along and team up with people (or go solo) and create a game from scratch.

Social Events

We run a number of social events throughout the year. From bar crawls and pub meetups to bowling evenings and film nights.


Extra-curricular teaching from expert students. Linux basics, Git version control, web development and other programming seminars.


Personal one-on-one mentors who you can contact as well as regular group meetups for general help when you're stuck. Disclaimer: not for specific assignment help.

Summer Ball

Given the huge success of our first summer ball in 2016, the CompSci Summer Ball is sure to be tradition for years to come.


Annual General Meetings (AGMs) are held every year around April/May time. If you wish to get involved with the running of the society, apply for a position beforehand.