Make a Mobile App Workshop 📲

Getting Started…

Disk Space Requirements
Please make sure you have 5GB of free disk space to install the required software. Android Studio will run ok on most laptops, but desktops run it better and faster.

Workshop Format
Part 1: Intro & Basics
~ short 10 minute break ~
Part 2: Building an app

If you’ve finished the pre-workshop, click here

Important information and instructions for everyone are written like this.
Additional info for those already familiar with programming, Java, OOP etc. will be written like this. This stuff is optional to read.

Pre-Workshop & Installation Instructions

  1. Download the Android Studio installer for your PC from here (897MB)
  2. Click on the file to begin installation. See the short video demonstrations below for installing:

On Windows:

On Mac:

If you use Android Studio on macOS Mojave or later, you might see a prompt to allow the IDE to access your calendar, contacts, or photos. You can select Don’t Allow.

Linux users only, installation instructions are here

  1. After the install completes, you can then run Android Studio. After opening, you will see the following message:
‘Do not import settings’ should be pre-selected. Click OK
  1. Be patient while Android Studio launches for the first time. After a short time, you’ll see the the Welcome message:
Click ‘Next’ to proceed
  1. After this, you’ll see the ‘Standard’ and ‘Custom’ setup types:
‘Standard’ should be pre-selected. Click next.
  1. You then have a choice between using the Light ‘IntelliJ’ theme or the Dark ‘Darcula’ theme. You can choose whichever you prefer. We will be using the IntelliJ theme during this workshop, and so the colour of important text will be different if you choose ‘Darcula’
Pick whichever you like.
  1. You’ll then see this screen, asking you to confirm what we’ve just been through. Click ‘Finish’. Android Studio will then download the latest SDKs and the Android Emulator. This is around 1.5GB in size and will take a while to download and unzip.
Do be patient. This part will take a while.
  1. Once the download and install is complete, the ‘Finish’ button will be clickable. Android Studio will display something similar to this:

Red text in the inner box indicates that something went wrong. If it says that ‘HAXM installation failed‘, or ‘Hypervisor Driver for AMD Processors failed‘ – this isn’t a massive issue. The Android Emulator may be slow to run on your machine though – consider using a physical Android device if you own one. Contact us if anything else shows up in red.

  1. After clicking ‘Finish’, you should see the following screen:

All Done!

That’s it for the pre-workshop material. Once the workshop begins, you’ll be able to access the next section.

Workshop Content

Common Android Views Cheat Sheet